Exploring The Possible Features of Upcoming iPhone 8

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Some new facts about the iPhone 8

A few months back everyone was busy gossiping about the iPhone 7, expectations were high and hype was real. iPhone admirers were self-assured that iPhone 7 might be the finest in the series and they would see some new innovations from Apple, which was long missing. But to the disappointment, iPhone 7 wasn’t that big of a deal; just a few modifications in iPhone 6 and here you have the latest iPhone ready. Seriously, if you own an iPhone 6S, it’s better to wait and watch for Apple’s new iPhone 8 rather upgrading to iPhone 7.

So what’s new in iPhone 8? Scheduled to be released on September 2017, the same year Apple completes its 10 years of iPhone series. So it would be high time for Apple to surprise its audience with something nostalgic. Latest trends show that iPhone 8 is the center of attention of every iPhone lover.

The internet is booming with all kinds of rumors related to iPhone8; from blogs to social media, news portal, tech websites and magazines, everyone is hyped about the upcoming iPhone. According to Ming Chi Kuo, a reputed Taiwanese analyst, Apple is gonna make some major changes to their new iPhone. Here are some features you may expect with the upcoming iPhone 8.


  • Rumors says, iPhone 8 is gonna be a huge redesign compared to iPhone7, Apple is gonna pull out its Aluminum body and rollback to glass-backed body similar to iPhone 4. The reason may be to reduce the weight or intensify the looks of new pieces.


  • iPhone 8 will feature new OLED display, it stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. This technology is already in use by companies like Samsung, LG and some other smartphone manufacturers. So the display of iPhone 8 won’t be needing any back-light like previous iPhone and will help to cut off the size by a considerable amount. Apple is also rumored to be working on edge to edge technology.

Processor and RAM

  • iPhone 8 might come with all new powerful A11 processor chips. TMNC who supplied A10 processor for the iPhone 7 is working on its next generation upgrade, which is supposed to be completed by early 2017. We are also expecting some major changes in RAM, it would be great if Apple provides at least 4 GB RAM in iPhone8

Wireless Charging

  • People were expecting that wireless charging might be introduced with iPhone 7 but instead Apple only introduced wireless microphones. So it’s high time possibility that Apple will integrate wireless technology in their upcoming iPhone 8. Some tech experts quote, Apple is hiring engineers and experts in wireless charging and also searching for a supplier to acquire wireless charging chips.

Home Button

  • The home button on iPhone 7 was more of a touch-pad but with iPhone 8, rumors are strong that Apple might completely get rid of the button and the entire front of the new iPhone is expected to be a whole big screen.

Iris Scan Technology

  • iPhone 8 might be released with iris scan functionality, rumors say that the iPhone 8 may have the technology to scan the iris of your eye. This has major significance when it comes to security, its far superior than fingerprint, face recognition or any other security feature.

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